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- Download the client files В«.exe .cmd .jar .vbs .bat .com .dllВ» and other such files.
- Players will put an automatic connection. *(Auto connect).
- Automatic switch players on other servers. *(Redirect or /server command)
- Do not change the menu of the player. *(GameMenu)
- Change В«config.cfgВ» (except for additional keys), В«userconfig.cfgВ», В«autoexec.cfgВ».
- Delete file cstrike/bin/TrackerUI.DLL
- Disable plugin antiflood.amxx (SLOWHACK)
- Substitution masterserver player.

Terms of use
- Any payment made with stolen paypal accounts or credit cards will be reported to the proper authorities.
- We reserve the right to remove/ban any server in the boost list that we feel it inringes our terms of use also of any paypal account that we consider of high risk.
- In the case of those that think they can pay by paypal, receive the service and then make a chargeback to get their money back even though they have received the service, the paypal account will be banned and in extreme cases all the ips boosted with that paypal account.Also we will file a complaint with paypal and provide proof of the delivery of our service to the specific open cases.

Download our CS 1.6 by Turbo-BoostCS ! Click on the picture.

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